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Certified Nutrition Specialist

Certified Nutrition Specialist

The Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) certification was begun by the American College of Nutrition. Before becoming eligible to be a CNS, an applicant must hold an advanced degree (master’s or doctorate) in nutrition or other field related to nutrition from an accredited university. Post-graduate study must include 1,000 hours of supervised experience in nutrition.

All applicants must pass an examination administered by the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists. In addition, certified professionals are required to obtain 75 Continuing Education credits and recertify every five years.

Certification provides formal recognition that nutrition care professionals have met rigorous and demanding eligibility requirements, including postgraduate educations, subsequent supervised practice in professional nutrition, and demonstration of a depth and breadth of knowledge appropriate for effective practice in the profession of nutrition.

Because the term nutritionist is widely used by unqualified people, many states require that those offering clinical nutrition advice be licensed within their state of practice. States differ on the credentialing initials. Many people use the term “nutritionist” in their professional titles, but have not received a college level or advanced degree. When seeking the services of a nutritionist, ask for his or her credentials.

For more information about this certification, please visit cbns.org.

Dr. Mancini has held this CNS certification since 2004. He applies his knowledge and experience on a daily basis to safely assist patients with dietary choices specific to their individual needs. “Drug-herb and drug-food interactions can have very serious consequences,” says Dr. Mancini. “Just because something is natural does not mean it is safe for every person. It requires training, continuing study and an extensive knowledge of the human body. This knowledge is vital to integrating Chinese medicine into our Western healthcare model.”

Dr. Mancini works closely with Medical Doctors and other healthcare specialists to ensure that patients receive the best of all medicines and the highest standard of care.