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Free Workshops


If you are interested in having a speaker come to your business, community group, or even to your home, please contact us at 619-287-4005. All lectures are part of the doctors’ volunteer community service and are brought to the public at no charge by the Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a non-profit organization of medical professionals across the U.S.

Acupressure for Pain & Stress Relief
Learn natural approaches to pain & stress relief, including acupressure techniques that can dramatically reduce pain and manage symptoms immediately. You will learn why acupuncture is such a powerful treatment for pain & stress, how to recognize and manage symptoms of the sevens signs of degenerative conditions, and most importantly how stress affects your health.

Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
Learn how acupuncture really works and hear the common myths and mysteries about this ancient Chinese medicine explained in modern terms. Discover the difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine and how they can be used in conjunction for optimal health. This workshop explores the realities of medical-based, patient-centered healthcare that focuses away from symptoms onto function and underlying causes.

Chi Kung: Chinese Breathing Exercises

Learn the ancient art of Chi Kung in modern terms and discover how it can increase your energy, improve organ function and lead to better health using biofeedback techniques. Practice movements that you can practice in minutes each day to benefit core spinal muscles, circulatory system, nervous system and organ function, including lungs, thyroid, kidneys, adrenal glands, liver, pineal gland, heart, pituitary gland, stomach, spleen, pancreas and more. These exercises are suitable for any age and fitness level and can be done seated or standing.

Peak Performance
Learn how to tap into the fundamental nature of being effective. In this workshop you will learn peak performance psychology, the driving forces between illness and wellness, tapping into your ideal performance state, how Oriental medicine and martial arts have been achieving peak levels of health for 3,000 years. After one hour you will have the tools to break the vicious stress cycle and help you achieve explosive energy, power in your movements, more self esteem and razor-sharp focus in achieving goals.

Healthy Weight Loss
Learn why obesity is only one symptom of an underlying problem that is the cause of most health conditions. Would you like increased energy, to reduce fat, better health, to eliminate pain and have more self esteem? Discover medical-based, proven techniques to lose weight without going on another “diet.” If you have tried to lose weight with little or no success, and you are looking for a permanent change, this workshop is for you.

Secrets to Looking & Feeling Younger
Increase your energy, lose weight, have better health, have more self esteem, have more “get up and go,” look younger and fully enjoy life. Discover what the Chinese have known and practiced for more than 3,000 years about vitality and long life.

Core Body Mechanics
Basic and advanced principles of efficient movement and injury prevention. Learn to move about your day with less pain and more power at home and at work. Realize your full potential!

Balancing Hormones Naturally

Natural, non-drug solutions to fatigue, mood swings, increased irritability, unexplained sadness, diminished sexual desire, as well as hot flashes/night sweats, infertility, osteoporosis, PMS, menstrual cramps.

A Drug-Free Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity
There are over 6 million children (and adults) in the U.S. alone being diagnosed with symptoms of ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ and related behavioral/learning problems. This workshop is a chance for you to find out about drug-free approaches to handling the symptoms of ADHD and addressing underlying causes.

Blood Biomarkers for Optimal Health
Learn how to conceptually understand and use your blood chemistry to achieve optimal function. Discover how targeted nutrition and acupuncture can create powerful changes in your blood biomarkers.

Diet & Nutrition: A Chinese Medical View
Learn about dietary therapies from Chinese medicine that focus on how food affects function and overall health. Discover how certain foods, flavors and dietary combinations can influence body systems. Hear about natural techniques to protect and maximize your digestive organs for better breakdown, absorption and distribution of nutrients. Also learn how environmental factors play a role in what and how one should eat.

Cancer & Integrative Medicine
Learn the Chinese medical view of cancer, how diet affects this condition, the importance of immune function, the impact of environmental toxins, how acupuncture can play an important role in living with cancer and surviving harsh medical treatments. Also learn natural ways to improve mood and reduce pain while strengthening your body. This workshop is for people living with cancer as well as caretakers, family & friends.

Health & Fitness: Mastering Your Body Inside and Out
Get expert advice about how to optimize your health and maintain life-long fitness with a focus on function and life-changing routines. Learn how health and fitness differ, the physiology of weight gain, how to burn fat faster and science behind nutrition. Also take home, workout ideas, menu planning strategies and tips for grocery shopping, and enhancing your workouts. This workshop is applicable to any age group and all fitness levels.

Breaking the Holiday Stress Cycle
Do you want to avoid the stress of holidays, stay focused on your health goals, learn how your body handles those holiday temptations? Learn about the physiological and psychological impact of food and how acupuncture and Chinese medicine can override these habits and break and stress cycle so that you can enjoy and truly appreciate what the holidays are all about. Don’t wait until December, this workshop is valuable any time.

Healthy Families
The most important job you will have in your life is to take care of your body so that you can be there to take care of your family. Learn the secrets to longevity and vitality for parents and grandparents. Discover how eating, exercise and positive energy can make all the difference for your family. Learn fun and easy ways to get your kids on a healthy track for life. This workshop contains important health information for all ages.

Natural Solutions Series…
Learn drug-free approaches to the prevention and treatment of common health conditions such as… low back pain, breathing problems, digestive disturbances, headaches, mood disorders, diabetes, allergies, arthritis, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, heart disease, chronic pain and fatigue.