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Unlock the power of combining biomedical acupuncture with exercise for a comprehensive and effective rehabilitation process. In this video, we delve into how this integration can significantly improve recovery outcomes for conditions such as knee injuries, stroke sequelae, and spinal cord injuries.

There is compelling science behind acupuncture’s role in enhancing neurogenesis, blood flow, and neurochemical regulation—which not only aids physical recovery but also supports mental and emotional well-being. We highlight key research findings that underscores the benefits of biomedical acupuncture paired with rehabilitation training.

Join us at the Center for Integrative Care as we explore how this synergistic approach can lead to pain reduction, increased joint mobility, and overall enhanced rehabilitation efficacy. Whether you’re an athlete or someone recovering from an injury, integrating acupuncture into your exercise regimen could be the key to a faster and more holistic recovery.

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