P:(619) 287-4005



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Dear Dr. Mancini,

Growing up with Turner Syndrome has been rough. Doctors have overdosed me on hormones, and then blamed me when I dropped 60 pounds. They only threw more pills at me that only seemed to cause more problems. Before I came to you I was suffering with depression, migraines, poor circulation and weakness.

It’s been about 3 years since you helped me the 1st time. Getting me on the herbal formulas has changed my life. Recently you helped me with my diet and getting me to stop drinking so much diet coke and I feel even better than ever. I don’t know how to express the difference you made in my life.

When I first came to you I was so exhausted and felt I could not go on. Fighting depression, horrible pain and discomfort from being cold and getting migraine headaches. I was barely able to make it through each day.

Now I feel like a new person. I come home with energy. I ‘am able to do more with my son, think clearer. You’ve really changed my life.

How can I thank you enough for giving me my life?

Love and Blessings,

-Stephanie P.
P.S. The Primrose has been wonderful.


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Dear Dr. Mancini,

Thank you for your attentiveness with my personal goal to improve mentally and physically. Since I have been kick boxing and under your care. I have noticed my health has improved significantly. My friends wonder how I can stay active and I tell them “one needs an awesome support staff!” I mention your name.


– Brian


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Hi –

I have been suffering from irregular menstrual cycles for years and it has been almost six months since I had my last menstrual period. I was greatly depressed and worried and when I heard about Dr. Mancini I thought of visiting him and trying out the acupuncture therapy. It definitely worked. I got my cycle within about one month of the treatment and I am so happy and also so confident that my cycles would be regulated. Dr. Mancini is very wonderful and a really caring doctor and his treatment definitely works. I am so happy I met him.

Thank you Dr. Mancini,

– C.P.

Mary Anne

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When I first came to see Dr. Mancini about three months ago I was 40 – 45 pounds overweight, feeling anxious and having chronic low back pain. I exercised sporadically at best. I also experienced several carbohydrate cravings.

After working with Dr. Mancini I have lost 26 pounds, feel great, have very little back pain, exercise 5 – 6 times a week, and have very little carbohydrate cravings. I feel stronger than ever and feel like I have a new lease on life.

My success has touched my family and friends and improved their life, and health as well.

Dr. Mancini has been my coach, my guide, and healer. I am grateful for him and his staff for their love and encouragement. When I committed to changing my life at habits his continued belief in me has helped me to believe in myself.

– Mary Anne


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Dear Friends –

Before finding Dr. Mancini I had excruciating pain in my back side for three months with no relief from conventional medicine. Once under the good doctor’s care he explained acupuncture to me and started caring for my needs. When I started, my pain level from 1 to 10 was a high 8. I am ecstatic to announce that my level of pain is now a big fat 0. While receiving treatment, the doctor tested me for other issues going on in my body and that is where I am right now.

With weekly improvements along with his expertise, caring and professional manner, we’re both striving for optimal health for this 78-year-old active lady.

I start and end each day with a prayer for Dr. Mancini and his staff for being so attentive and knowledgeable in all they do.

Please don’t wait and suffer needlessly, for the good doctor is right at your fingertips at 619-287-4005


– Doris, a very appreciative patient


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My story for this day is that I walked 3.3 miles today and I did sit-ups. This is the best that I have done in months and years. My body functions are the best that they have been for a long time.

– Robert


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Fifteen years ago I had a double-laminectomy surgery. For the next five years my doctor had me doing physical therapy, which only made a slight difference in pain relief and a minor difference in me being able to conduct myself in a normal fashion. As a healthy man in my early 30s, exercise, nutrition, and a high level of activity had always been normal for me. All these activities were being compromised as a result of my surgery until I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Dr. Mancini by a friend of mine. He told me of acupuncture and how successful it had been for over 5,000 years! At first I was a skeptic, but I quickly discovered I could live a pain free life with all the activities I love so much.

– Jack


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I was referred to Dr. Mancini by my son. I came to him with chronic pain in my right hop and low back that was aggravated by a recent compression injury to my left low back. I was in pain and emotional distress from dealing with the injuries on my own unsuccessfully. Traditional medical practitioners only prescribed pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. It was time to approach my pain differently. Dr. Mancini treated me three times a week for six weeks. The improvement and pain relief was immediate. My quality of life and my spirit have been uplifted. I have also attended Dr. Mancini’s workshops and gained valuable information and exercises I can use forever to keep my health. I am very grateful to have found Dr. Mancini. Thank you!

– Kim


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So far I have lost six pounds and a lot of bloating.

More importantly, I am feeling better; I have more energy; and I’m getting more done in the day than I have in a long time.

I am excited for each day. Being focused on a goal for myself has effected every other aspect of my life.

Thank you,



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Sometimes it’s easy to remember, I would be at work and gradually I started to notice that every time I ate lunch I would feel terrible afterwards. It started getting worse, to the point that I could hardly function. Eventually I could not perform well at my job. My feet and legs were swollen and I could barely walk or put on any shoes.

I had several tests and doctor visits; I was literally unable to function on a daily basis. My days now consisted of sleeping at night, waking up to eat a bowl of soup (it was all I was able to eat), lay down on the couch all day until 8 p.m., then go to bed and sleep until morning. I couldn’t even take out my trash or check the mail; the mailbox was only 20 feet away. I became very depressed and scared; the reason being is that my doctor told me I only had a year and a half to live. Most days I cried. The pain and itching was driving me insane! I reached the point where I could tell I was going to die. So I started to make arrangements, I shipped items to my mother that I wanted her to keep. I actually gave up because I thought there was no hope.

Of course I prayed to God for some strength, and decided I did want to live, I wasn’t going to give up. I had remembered that my friend had given me the phone number to an acupuncturist and this was my last resort. I called and I’m sure I was extremely rude because of my situation. I talked to the doctor and expressed my final concerns about my visit, thinking he just wanted my money. I was shocked and please with my visit, the doctor and his staff were some of the nicest people I have ever met. They really cared about my health and me. He was always positive which made me feel better because I knew he really cared. After my first appointment with Dr. Mancini I knew I was going to live. After only two treatments I was up and walking, even eating, my whole attitude on life changed. I made changes in my eating habits and I started exercising.

I realized that Dr. Mancini saved my life. I was happy, feeling good, and able to function in society again. I continued my treatment plan and I have now reached a point where I can exercise daily, I eat as healthy as I can, started kickboxing, which takes extreme physical conditioning to perform. I really hope Dr. Mancini knows and realizes how thankful I really am. Because of Dr. Mancini I now have a life to live.
Thank you Dr. Mancini, that’s from my heart!



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Well, it has been just over a month now and I have been making progress on getting healthier. Initially my goal was to loose about 40 pounds. I, however, soon discovered, through Dr. Mancini’s education process, that weight loss is a side effect of getting healthy from the inside out.

I now look forward to my workouts. My thoughts are constantly on what my workout is going to be and what plateaus I will break through. Also, I’m very conscious of what goes into my body. My eating habits have improved and more than anything else that I have achieved so far, this is what I think is the biggest reason for the success I have achieved so far.

In addition to having more energy and feeling stronger and more fit, I have lost 11 pounds and three percent body fat. Another huge side effect of this optimal health process is an improved attitude and outlook on everything I do.

One last thought… I was quite reluctant to write down my success story because I didn’t think it was anything to write about, but with much prodding from Dr. Mancini I put it on paper. What I have discovered it that this process is also very motivating.

– Rod


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My Christmas present from my daughter in 2003 was a gift certificate for a free consultation with Dr. Mancini. I was overweight, suffered with terrible nasal congestion and a continuous cough. I began Phase 1 of the treatment. I began with three treatments each week until the results began to show favorably, then twice a week… Until the fall, September, when I was graduated to once a week visits.

During this time, I followed the food and treatment schedule as exactly as I was able. First my nasal congestion cleared up. I could breathe through both of my nostrils at the same time. This was the first time in years! My weight was down by 30 pounds and my cough was a thing of the past. Need I say more about my belief in the success of Dr. Mancini’s diagnosis and treatment of my own personal complaints?

– Richard


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Approximately four years ago, I began having knee pain anytime I consistently ran. In addition, it would often turn wrong and pop, causing me not to be able to walk on it for several minutes. After only two treatments, I saw improvement. It no longer pops so easily when turned. It has been about five weeks now. I have been running for two weeks and have experienced no knee pain. Last week, I moved from the treadmill to concrete, still no problems.

– Charlotte


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For the past seven months I have had pain in my hip. After only a short amount of time at Mancini Center for Optimal Health I was already seeing a difference. Monday was the first day that my hip was pain free, for any amount of time.

– Terry


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I started treatment with Dr. Mancini in September of 2004. At that time, I was also experiencing extreme arterial fibrillation. This causes your heart to race and it is very hard to breathe and you are unable to function in daily activities. I had been going through this for over a year. I had this continually all day long, everyday. I had gone to a cardiologist and he started me on medication. He finally put me on the strongest medication and still did not stop it completely. This medication also had side effects; it could damage my liver and lungs. I still was experiencing fibrillation everyday. When I started treatment with Dr. Mancini, he started me on supplements, acupuncture and taught me breathing techniques. My fibrillation started getting better and came less frequent. A month later I found out that I had a tumor on my kidney and would have to have it removed. Dr. Mancini encouraged me and made sure my body was prepared for surgery. After my surgery, I made a quick recovery. I believe it was the supplements and acupuncture that helped me to heal so quickly.

I can now say that I have not had any fibrillation in six weeks, something I have not experienced for over two years. I have regained my strength and endurance. I have cut my medication to a quarter of what I was taking before. I have a goal to completely go off all my medications in the next couple of months. I went back to my urologist this week and he gave me a good report and said that my one kidney is functioning and taken over for the lost kidney. We are leaving for a vacation in Hawaii and I feel I can really enjoy myself and be able to do what I want to do. I want to thank you, Dr. Mancini and staff, for your encouragement and love that you have showed.

– Donne


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I came to Dr. Mancini on Sept. 3, 2004 with several issues. I was 60 pounds overweight and I was suffering with chronic and debilitating pain in my right hip. This pain in my hip was a daily occurrence, sometimes interrupting my sleep with its intensity. It would always hurt to arise from sitting or laying down and I dared not put my full weight on it until after I’d loosened it up with a few steps first.

My hip felt weak and there was a lot of pain. Standing for any length of time was extremely trying and uncomfortable. My range of motion with my hip was also limited. I felt clumsy and lacked agility. My posture suffered more and more as I compensated for the pain by placing more weight on my left hip and leg and though I made a conscious effort to support my weight balanced on both legs I was not able to maintain for more than a few moments. I felt the strain on my back and neck and I worried that at the young age of 45, I was already seriously and maybe permanently impaired physically.

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Mancini, as well as his instruction on trigger point massage and exercise suggestions. I have reclaimed healthy eating habits as per Dr. Mancini’s Phase 1 eating plan and I’ve lost 27 pounds to date. On November 9, I realized that on the previous day I had experienced a completely pain free day with my hip! For the first time in over 10 years. Not only that but I have limberness in my hip. I can take a full stride and twist and turn fluidly and with agility. Before, I always had to move slowly and deliberately so as not to aggravate my hip.

As I sit here and write, I am pain free. As I arise from my chair or bed I feel strength and when I stand I am supported by both sides of my body and I am pain free! As each day passes, the incidents of being pain free last longer and longer, my strength continues to increase and the overall balance that I feel being restored to my body is sheer and wondrous delight to me.

To Dr. Mancini and his staff, I have the highest praise and am forever grateful. Thank you.

– Gail


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I had been taking medication for osteoperosis for several years and progressively getting worse for I couldn’t tolerate the use of medicine.

In 2004, I was in constant pain in all of my joints and also had sciatica. Found Dr. Mancini, was evaluated and started treatments and within six months was pain free.

Doctor did a bone marker on me and found the reading was off the chart and my bones were in a critical stage. With proper treatments and multiple supplements we were able to drastically turn the bone loss around. My last reading was perfect.

Doctor has treated me for so many ailments over the years with great results. At this time we’re working on my immune system, striving for optimal health. You don’t have to live in pain, get an evaluation from knowledgable Dr. Mancini and start living your life with optimal health.

By the way, I haven’t used medicines in 3 years.

– Doris


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I came to Dr. Mancini a bit of a wreck. I am one of the few to survive 9-11, left homeless for four months, took a menial job with Starbucks to survive and get off of the streets. Three months into that job I had a nasty industrial accident. Came back to California to get the medical help I neede and to heal. Three major surgeries later, I was a passenger in a car that was hit broadside, re-injuring my neck after fusion surgery from C-2 down.

My neurosurgeon recommended I see this miracle worker. He has been an angel! My pain is under control. I am regaining my health and my soul is at peace.

What Dr. Mancini and wonderful staff have done for me is truly a miracle. They have been a major part of making me a whole person again! I will forever be grateful. No I can sing again!

– Delynn


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I felt sore, tired all the time… just blah. Now I feel wonderful. My attitude is more positive. I’ve lost 25 pounts since May 4 (less than two months). I’ve lost inches. I’m working out five days a week. I feel so much better. Within one month I’ve lost 5 3/4 inches, 8.25 pounds and 4.29% body fat.

– Peggy


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Several years ago my family doctor told me that if I didn’t make some changes in my diet and life, I would become a diabetic, and have heart disease. I listened but didn’t make any changes. I was in denial. (This couldn’t happen to me!) Well guess what. It did! Not wanting to go with my doctor’s route, pills, pills and more pills, I called Dr. Mancini and made an appointment to meet with him.

I met with Dr. Mancini and we put me on a cleansing and acupuncture program. When I started the program we did a base blood test to see where all of my problems were. (There were many.)
I am proud to say that 5 weeks later the new blood test showed that my cholesterol went from 210 to 109. All of my other issues, such as sugar, blood pressure, and such, all had improved dramatically. I was dancing on the ceiling. I am no longer considered a health risk for hear disease. I know that I still have a journey to complete my life changes, but Dr. Mancini has made it to easy.

I do need to warn you of the side effects. There are two big ones. The first is you have energy, and your body doesn’t hurt all the time, and you feel great. The second one is weight loss. At the end of 5 weeks, I have reduced 23 pounds and 25 ½ inches.

I encourage anyone who has health issues to meet with Dr. Mancini and staff as an alternative to Western medicine treatments. I for one am glad that I didn’t take all the pills that my family doctor recommended. I know those only masked the problem. I needed to correct the base problem.
Thank you Dr. Mancini.

– Beth


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I have battled my weight for my entire life. I was always a little heavy in high school and then I got married and had three children in my early 20s. From there, everyone and everything else came first – work, husband, children’s needs, volunteer work, etc. Finally, I decided this was the time for me to focus on myself and get my life back in order.

I signed up at a gym, did personal training, and changed my diet to a very healthy diet with the help of a nutritionist. I didn’t lose much weight. Although I was gaining muscle and losing gat, I was frustrated to not see the scale go down. I eventually got bored, lost interest, and I eventually gained all the weight back.

A year later, I was back at it. After trying and failing, I was determined and I know I would not fail this time. But again, after several months, I was at the point of frustration. I had lost some weight (and I am sure gained some muscle), but the weight on the scale wasn’t dropping fast enough.
In January 2007, I attended an informational meeting with Dr. Mancini at my gym. I was mesmerized by his presentation. It fit me to a tee – chronic fatigue and the ups and downs in energy level. I signed up for a free consultation and the rest is history.

I have lost over 40 pounds, approximately 15% body fat and four pants sizes. I have a lot more energy and feel much better. I need less sleep, I am more relaxed and I lead a more balanced life. I don’t need coffee or caffeine drinks – which were how I made it through my hectic days in the past.
During my treatment, I had some other unrelated issues come up. Dr. Mancini was always able to help.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mancini to anyone. He truly changed my life.

– Kelli


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I am male, 55 years old. I thought I was fit and in good health. One day at work I got blurred vision. I went to an optometrist and found nothing noticeably wrong. I came to Dr. Mancini and found I was not healthy and as fit as I thought. I had high blood pressure – 130 over 95. I have followed his plan. Today, after two and a half months I am 109 over 78 – EXCELLENT. I am continuing on the program with noticeable improvement. My cholesterol was 310, now it’s 205. GO, MANCINI, GO!

– Randy


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My name is Eric. I started the Optimal Helath Diet on March 7, 2008. My first blood test showed a Cholesterol of 237 with triglycerides of 131. My weight was 195 pounds.

Three weeks later after following the diet prescribed by Dr. Mancini, my blood test on April 11, 2008 showed a drop in Cholesterol to 140 and my triglycerides to 57. My weight dropped to 183 pounds. All of this was achieved without drugs, using only diet, exercise and supplementaion.

I never felt hungry on the diet. I have always exercised, but the key it Diet and exercise. I am proof that it can be done. I lost 12 pounds of fat and I feel better and look better, my clothes fit better. I knew I could stand to loose a few pounds, but I did not want to diet. I have always been the kind of person who would rather run 10 miles than go on a diet.

This diet was easier than I thought it would be. I lost the weight and I am keeping it off. I am healthier for having done it. I would recommend this program to anyone. I have recommended it to my friends and family.

– Eric


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WIth age, my knee problems have increased, limiting my exercising, walking and daily activities because my knees were weak and felt unstable. After attending a couple of Dr. Mancini’s classes with a friend who was being treated by him, I decided to try acupuncture instead of taking the pills my doctor was always prescribing.

After 3 months of treatment with Dr. Mancini, I am resuming my exercise routine and daily activities with little or no discomfort. I am also finding that I sleep more soundly at night and am much more energetic.

Thanks to the treatments, care and genuine concern of Dr. Mancini, I can continune to have a full and active lifestyle in my retirement years.

– Beverly


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Dr. Mancini is not only good for the body; he’s good for the soul. He inspires me to be a better person. I have been a patient of Dr. Mancini’s since October 2007. I feel like he’s the only doctor I’ll ever need to see. I came to Dr. Mancini with various aches and pains and headaches. With regular acupuncture, a healthy diet, and a commitment to exercise, I feel much better. It’s amazing to me juts how much time and money I’ve wasted on “Western” medicine. I noticed from the very first visit that Dr. Mancini’s approach is unique to any other doctor I’ve ever seen. Dr. Mancini educates you on everything he’s doing so that you can maintain the positive changes he’s mmade long after treatment ends. I have referred several friends and co-workers to Dr. Mancini and will continue to do so. This is the best money I’ve ever spent.

– William


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My husband and I first came to Dr. Mancini in October 2007 because of the negative effects of stress on both of us. I thought that my husband needed help more than I did, but I wanted to do it with him as a show of support and to make it easier to accomplish the lifestyle changes that were going to be necessary. Little did I know that my body was actually being hit harder by the stress and that I had just gotten used to “powering through it all.” My biggest complaint when we started was that I had daily heartburn. I had been talking to my doctor about it for over a year and all she could suggest was daily antacid and sleeping with my head elevated. I also had a history of headaches with a habit of taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen every night before bed. I had been dealing with both of those symptoms for years and within weeks of changing our diet and starting acupuncture, they both disappeared. Who knew it could be so simple? The diet change has also resulted in my losing 35 pounds. I never thought of myself as being overweight, but the difference in how I feel now, 35 pounds lighter, is incredible.

I have to say that the changes we’ve made will be with us forever. Don’t get me wrong, we still have stress, but because our bodies are now functioning more efficiently, it’s not taking the toll that it use to. Dr. Mancini has also been instrumental in hleping me to stay as aware as possible in the present moment, letting go of the past that I can’t change and the future that I can’t control. It’s not always easy, but I can always count on my visits with Dr. Mancini to be a calming, rejuvenating experience.

– Cindy


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When I came to Dr. Mancini, I had a lot of health issues. I was having migraines for months. I also had chronic upper back pain. My diabetes was out of control. My eating habits were not good. I had pain in my body for so long and thought this was normal.

But, since coming here about 6 months ago. I have lost 27 pounds. My diabetes numbers have dropped to almost normal/perfect. As of now, I exercise five times a week. I am walking four miles, three days a week. I do water aerobics or other exercises the other two.

I no longer have migraines. My chronic pain has been much more manageable. I am eating so much healthier than I ever have in my life. My energy level is much more than it ever has been.

– Kathy


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Overall, I have experienced a wonderful recovery and will continue to participate until I reach my goal of 100%. I feel I’m at about 80-85% better with my hand problem. Also, with my overall attitude as well as energy level. I am running 3-5 miles, three times a week and I have lost 13 pounds. Mentally, this has given me awareness of the food I eat as well as the amount of stress I can release.

Thanks everyone with this staff. You have all been great and you will see me more.

Thanks doctor for sharing your gift with me.

– Richard


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My blood sugar has stablized at a reasonable level. My goal is to lower it further.

The back pain is gone.

The diet has enabled me to feel better.

Energy level is better.

This combined with Tai Chi continues to help me maintain a healthy outlook.

– Bill


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Original complaints included:
* Low back pain … NO MORE PAIN
* Dizziness … NOW GONE
* High blood sugar…
I was classified as pre-diabetic with blood sugar in the 100-120 range. I had always exercised regularly and did Tai Chi for 2 1/2 years. I realized that was not changing blood sugar. Afer starting acupuncture and the better diet, blood sugar is now at 80-98 & only a few 100-103.

My physical endurance is much better. The Tai Chi and acupuncture is a great combination. They work together to give better results.

My blood pressure was a little high (135/80) but now it’s 120-125/75 constantly.

– Bill


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I came to Dr. Mancini feeling very discouraged, frustrated and afraid. Two MDs had told me I was at very high risk for a stroke or heart attack and if my tests didn’t change, probably Type II diabetes and Alzheimer’s. I had metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high LDL, high inflammation and stress as well as abdominal fat). They prescribed blood pressure and cholesterol medications and said I’d be on them the rest of my life. When I asked if I could change this with supplements, diet, exercise, etc., I was told it was my age (72) and heredity. There was nothing I could do that would help… no lifestyle change would help… just medicine for the rest of my life. I had constant diarrhea, stomach aches, gall bladder attacks and trouble sleeping. I felt depressed and had no energy. I also craved sugar and had insulin resistance which made it hard to lose weight.

I was taking many alternative medicine supplements. After reading alternative books and several alternative newsletters I subscribe to, it came to my attention that they all mentioned acupuncture and Chinese medicine as helping if the supplements they recommended didn’t take care of the problem. I heard Dr. Mancini at a seminar he gave at the Kroc Center. The next week I was in his office. This was my last hope. After signing up for his program he ran several blood tests on me. The tests showed I can’t eat gluten, dairy or eggs. Besides acupuncture, he started me on his cleansing and detox diet with supplements, also a food plan eliminating foods I could be or am allergic to. He also prescribed one hour of exercise a day. I was doing Tai Chi, which he encouraged me to do along with Chi Kung deep breathing exercises. I followed his advice religiously along with acupuncture. Also, I found his seminars on acupressure, Chi Kung, stress and eating healthy very helpful.

Dr. Mancini cares so much about his patients and pours his heart and energy into their care. He is a good man, very knowledgeable and full of good advice. I thank God for him and I’m proud to say he is my doctor. His goal is not just good health for his patients but optimal health and function. We’re still working what foods I can eat and he wants my cholesterol and triglycerides lower. He has given me back not only my health and energy but optimism and hope and the ability to accomplish the many things I want to accomplish in my lifetime.

The best part is the proof. The facts from my tests:
My blood pressure was about 159/89… now 110/68
My pulse was 65… now 45 to 55
My cholesterol was 316… now 228
My triglycerides were 243… now 123
My LDL was 195… now 125
I lost 12 pounds (and will lose more).
I am now in the normal risk category. Hallelujah! Thank you, Dr. Mancini!! And God bless you.

– Mary Jane


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I am a recent college graduate as well as a 22-year-old female. With the stresses of school, interning and balancing a social life, I found myself to constantly be run down very often. It was the norm for me to be feeling tired, catching every possible sickneess around me, having ups and downs in my mood and, to say the least, feeling very stressed.

Once I started coming to Dr. Mancini I realized the way I was living and the toll my body was taking was far from normal. After only 6 weeks my immune system has boosted up more than I ever thought imaginable! Also my energy is up, my stress is down and overall I am much happier. I never dreamt of having such strong improvments. Dr. Mancini has made this possible for me!

– Danielle


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Dr. Mancini helped me realize that I have a gluten sensitivity. Ever since I stopped eating gluten (and dairy and soy) my health has slowly improved. Now, almost a year later, my shoulder and knee pain are both gone, and I have dropped 10 pounds. My energy level is higher and I feel better in general.

Dr. Mancini helps integrate several different aspects of your life – your diet, exercise, mental outlook and education.

After working with Dr. Mancini I am healthier and more aware of how to take care of myself.

– Diane


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Background: June 16, 2008 – While waiting at a red light, a woman in a 2002 Cadillac rear-ended my 2001 Honda Civic. July 18, 2008 – A man rear-ended my 2001 Honda Civic with his Scion, while I was sitting still in traffic. I did not feel any pain at the time of either accident. I was aware that I was thrown forward and retained by the seat belt when the Cadillac hit. When I exited my Honda, I felt lightheaded and my body was shaking all over.

During this time period, my daily routine was to walk three miles after work. Sometime around August 2008, I began to experience headaches and a deep penetrating pain in my left hip, thigh, knee and numbness in my left foot, with sharp pain in the large toe. By August 11, 2008 I had to quit my walking routine, due to pain. Standing or sitting was very uncomfortable. The only relief was to lay flat on the floor and stretch the muscles in the lower abdomen. The relief was only temporary. Often I would wake up due to the pain in my hip. Things got so bad, I had to sleep on the floor at night to get some relief and prevent keeping my wife awake at night. I was getting desperate.

With the encouragement of my wife, I entered treatment with Dr. Mancini. As a “doubting Thomas” I was not convinced this was the correct thing to do. I am so glad that I WAS WRONG.

The first visit was a complete surprise and an eye-opener. I left the clinic with a feeling of euphoria never experienced in my life. The pain in the hip was still there, but I did not care. I thought this is going to be a fantastic experience.

I can honestly say I have not had a repeat of that first treatment, but after approximately a month’s series of treatments I am pain free and sleeping just fine, thanks to Dr. Mancini.

– David


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What a blessing it was the day I met a shopper (MaryJane) in the Sprouts Health Food Market. She talked about health problems and I told her I was having serious side effects from prescription drugs and was looking for a doctor practicing Integrative Medicine. She was a patient of Dr. Mancini’s and he had helped her get off prescription drugs. “JUST THE DOCTOR I WAS LOOKING FOR!”

I had been very ill from the beginning of the year (2008) with serious side effects from ALL the blood pressure medications my doctor had me try. ALL caused extreme anxiety attacks, panic attacks, constant heart fibrillation, headaches, shortness of breath and stomach problems with nausea. I got to the point where I couldn’t even drive and lost hope of ever feeling well again. I was in the emergency room four times; and one night woke with sweating and thinking I was having a heart attack, so I called 9-1-1. I was there two days and all the help I got was more drugs to combat the symptoms of the drugs I was on. NO WAY was I going on more drugs!

I now have my health back due to Dr. Mancini. His treatments (which I call “miracle” treatments), his caring attitude and willingness to spend time listening to his patients all contribute to the healing process.

If you are hesitating about trying Dr. Mancini’s treatments, please give them a try. As I have said, “they worked for me for drug side effects” and also from a painful knee injury from a fall.

Thank you so much, Dr. Mancini and thank you too, MaryJane for your recommendation!

Also read MaryJane’s “Success Story.”

– Claire


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When I first started coming to Dr. Mancini I’d always catch anybody’s sickness. However, after only one month of coming to Dr. Mancini this started to stop. Now, three months later, I still haven’t gotten sick! I just got back from a two-week cruise where it seems like half the ship got sick. I am very proud to say I did not. Thank you so much Dr. Mancini for making my immune system invincible, or so it seems!

– Danielle


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I believe that my main problem, my wrists, has greatly improved. I no longer feel pain frequently. If I do feel pain it is usually mild or dull. I can now perform at a higher level which was my main goal of this whole experience. I’m really excited to continue my exercise and live a pain-free lifestyle!

– Nicole


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I am pleased to share I have had much improvement since I started seeing Dr. Mancini. I now know that I have a gluten sensitivity which has added to my headaches and many other issues. My headaches are now less severe and less frequent. Most of my depression is gone and I probably have had a 75 percent increase in energy levels. I am more productive at work and feel more optimistic now instead of overwhelmed. I have lost 17 pounds since December and have energy to exercise. Thank you so much, Dr. Mancini!

– Lori


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Since I started the program I’ve noticed obvious changes in my health as far as my arthritis goes. I’ve also noticed changes to my state of being. I feel more confident about the future for both physical and mental aspects. I am more motivated doing school work and planning for my future. I am also less irritable with my whole family and friends. I find myself wanting to do more and more.

– Deborah


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I have definitely improved in all phases of my life. The combination of Tai Chi and this program have made me stronger, pain free and give me a far better knowleddge of my body and mind.

I was able to climb many temple steps in tropical weather. I was frequently asked how old I am and how I do so well. A doctor on the trip said it was amazing.

Goal: Climb the pyramids next January.

– Bill


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I originally came in for neck and hip pain. And I’ve seen impressive improvements in those areas. But, I’m very surprised to have more eye moisture, much less cravings for sweets, and a much improved feeling of calm and patience with my boys. Thank you!

– Sandra


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My last success story was on weight loss and becoming fit. I went from 215 pounds to 145 pounds in 9 months. With the weight loss behind me, I needed to set new goals for myself. One goal is to be in optimal health. I have successfully maintained my weight, size and gained some muscle.

About a year ago, I was dealing with several health issues which most people accept as normal. I did not want to continue with the colds, feeling tired, etc. With exercise, eating fresh food (fruits, vegetables, greens and protein) I have been successful with lowering my cholesterol, keeping my blood sugar level and cleared my liver. My percentage of improvement has improved by 63% from one year ago.

I feel great! Thanks to Dr. Mancini for his coaching and cheering me on.

– Veree


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Since focusing more on my health, I’ve felt calmer, more relaxed on a regular basis, proud of myself for making positive changes in my life (no longer smoking, exercising regularly, relaxing/breathing exercises). I can manage stressful events /days better and let them remain outside of me/separate from me. I feel refreshed in the mornings upon waking and have had fewer emotional ups and downs. All of the above makes me feel more empowered and stronger.

– Meredith


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I am an 82-year-old female patient of Dr. Mancini’s and has been looking for a doctor of Integrative Medicine – a doctor who believed in ways of renewing health other than using prescription drugs. Most of us are learning that most drugs have serious side effects and are not the answer to a healthy lifestyle. I found out the hard way when my husband (of 50 years) passes away very suddenly from a reaction to the blood thinning drug t-PA causing him to have a brain hemorrhage (17% of people who take the drug die from brain hemorrhaging.) I did not know this before his passing!

When I went in to see my G.P. doctor, he said my blood pressure was high and my chances of having a stroke were very high. He tried me on several different drugs (over a period of months) and they ALL had very serious side effects – constant heart fibrillation, serious anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, shortness of breath, stomach aches and nausea. I ended up in the E.R. four times and even had to call 911 one night, thinking I was having a heart attack. To make a long story short – Dr. Mancini was recommended to me by one of his patients and I am feeling “GREAT” and very happy to be in good health after months of thinking I was going to live the rest of my life feeling very ill, not able to drive again and trying to remember how it was to enjoy life again.

Thank you and bless you, Dr. Mancini for your concern, for your patience, your positive, caring attitude, your healing, relaxing treatments, your healing supplements and herbs – all working together to bring us renewed health.

– Claire


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I am sleeping through the night and going into that deep sleep like when I was young and carefree, and awakening refreshed and happy for the energy I have. My energy level has increased and I’m calmer. My overall pain level has decreased while my sense of peace and energy has improved. I am challenged in this summer school class but I am not anxious. Mental clarity has improved and stress is only because this work environment is new and I don’t know where anything is but the children keep me focused. [On our trip to Colorado] my 11 days of no pain, full of energy, relaxed with no effects of altitude were spectacular. We walked everywhere and at 10,000 feet that was no struggle and no altitude sickness. I was energized each morning after a peaceful night’s sleep. Thank you so much.

– Connie


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Nine months ago my friend, Kay, gave me a coupon for a consultation with Dr. Mancini. Because I really was not open to his help yet, the coupon worked its way to the bottom of my large purse where it became very ragged. Six months later, when considering my declining health situation, I dug it out.

In 2004, I had two seizures because I has used a total liquid protein diet . In two years I had two different breast cancer surgeries. This was followed by osteoarthritis, a dry-eye condition and insomnia. I was feeding all this with copious amount of sugar foods (very bad for cancer!). As a result, I arrive here 35 pounds overweight. Oh yes, there was a lifetime issue of constipation that even took me to the emergency room once. I was truly falling apart but by bit. I was fearful about the length of my life.

Thank you to Dr. Mancini! Because of his amazing ever-increasing knowledge, encouragement and compassion, I have made amazing strides toward optimum health. My sugar cravings and binging have disappeared. I choose to eat healthy because I feel so much better. So far I have lost 10 pounds but the real emphasis is on health. My skin reflects this diet too. I sleep soundly with no medication. My joints are now flexible first thing in the morning. The dry eye has reduced and my vision has improved, which surprised my optometrist. The biggest miracle for me after 50 years is daily bowel movements! HOORAY!

I feel brighter, happier and look forward to the day’s events. I look forward also to an ever-improving attitude and health. You are truly a doctor-teacher. Thank you!

– Ann


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Imagine my surprise when I was asked to write a success story. I feel as I have only just begun on my journey towards optimal health!

In the weeks that I have been with Dr. Mancini, I have strengthened my resolve to be happy, healthy and stress free. First, years of daily back and neck pain have disappeared, resulting in my being virtually headache free. My ability to handle my stressful job has increased remarkably as well.

After completing my five-day liquid fast and three weeks of modified diet, I am now more cognizant of my eating habits, making it easier to choose healthy foods. I am also becoming disciplined in my exercise schedule and have started working out six days a week! I can’t wait for the months to come; if I am a success story now, I can’t imagine what I will be in a year!

– Wendy


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When I first visited Dr. Mancini’s office, I read many of the success stories written by various patients. I remember hoping that I too would have a postitive story to tell as I worked with Dr. Mancini, and I do.

I started off with a little skepticism but I was determined to be open minded and work the program the best I could. I was consistent with my treatment and little by little I began to notice positive improvements. I started sleeping a more sound, restful sleep, feeling pretty good when waking up in the morning. Instead of feeling fatigued during the day, I noticed I feel more energetic… even my mood seemed lifted (not as low as usual).

My major complaint of knee pain actually has improved. I can’t believe I am now able to go to kickboxing class and enjoy it without suffering, swelling and pain afterward. All and all, I am feeling pretty good right now!!

– Harriette


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My name is Jill and I was diagnosed with Hashimotos several years ago. At the time I was diagnosed I didn’t know anything about autoimmune disease or the thyroid’s function. I wanted to take the right steps for my health, so like a good patient I trusted my doctor and when he told me all I needed to do was take this little pill (thyroid hormones) and just make sure to come back and get rechecked when I was supposed to that’s what I did. That worked okay for a few years…but the artificial thyroid hormones created a facade and I was still sick. The lab work showed that I had normal levels of thyroid hormones. What it didn’t show was that my autoimmune response was increasing and my body was continuing to destroy my thyroid. Because my thyroid was still continually under attack as time went on I needed an increased dosage of thyroid hormones, and the increased dosage increased my autoimmune response, which meant I needed to continue to increase the dosage of thyroid hormones. It was a dangerous cycle.

That cycle just seemed wrong to me. But I was told that there was no cure for hashimoto’s, and that as I aged I would continually need to increase the dosage of my medication…and as long as I took my medication and stayed on top of my lab work everything would be okay. But everything was not okay. I was still sick. Even though I did everything I was supposed to my energy level continued to decrease. It got so bad that it came to a point where I could barely even walk and brain fog set in. I ended up having to close down my business because I couldn’t function and I had to lean on my family to do everything for me. This went on for nearly two years. During that time I was desperate for help and answers from my doctor but didn’t get any. It was actually suggested by my doctor that I was depressed and that was causing the symptoms and he wanted me to take anti-depressants and referred me to a psychiatrist. After visiting the psychiatrist it was confirmed that my issues were not psychological and that taking anti-depressants would actually be harmful. So I was sent on my not so merry way with another years worth of thyroid medication and no answers. I was told that I would just have to learn to live with the fatigue and brain fog. Western medicine had failed me.

I’m so glad that I didn’t accept that there wasn’t anything that could be done and I would just have to learn to live with fatigue, brain fog, and medication. I had a couple of friends that were patients of Dr. Mancini’s and he came highly recommended. I contacted the office to see if they could help me with my hashimoto’s and told them that I wanted to stop taking my medication and let my body heal naturally. After being told so many times that there was no cure and that I would just have to live with taking the medication, as well as the fatigue and brain fog, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After hearing from Dr. Mancini’s office that they had experience with autoimmune disease and hashimoto’s and that they could help me get off the medication I couldn’t get my initial appointment soon enough. I finally had hope!

Dr. Mancini had me fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire, then spent a good amount of time going over how I was feeling and goals for my health. I also attended a few training seminars which were very helpful in understanding how Chinese medicine and acupuncture works. I took a battery of diagnostic tests including thyroid and adrenal levels, autoimmune responses and food allergies. Before revealing the results to me Dr. Mancini said that they would be a very powerful tool, and he was right. I think the most shocking was the autoimmune response which is a test that my other doctor had never bothered to run. The normal range is between 0-34, mine was 456. I was shocked, but at least at that point I was armed with a powerful tool, knowledge and a plan. I was a little scared when Dr. Mancini told me that I could quit taking my thyroid pills from that point on, but that was my goal and I was ready.

From that point forward I have been medication free. I began an acupuncture treatment program to help normalize my thyroid and autoimmune response, and went through a detox protocol and nutrition program prescribed by Dr. Mancini. It was also revealed to me through the testing that I had an intolerance to eggs, milk, gluten, and soy. Another powerful piece of information that has helped my healing process.

After only four weeks a staying on the program and being medication free Dr. Mancini run another set of tests and it showed 32% improvement. Not only did I have hope for the first time in years, I was feeling great. I have my energy back, started working full-time again, started an exercise program, am losing weight, and am eating healthy. I noticed some other changes too. My ankles aren’t swollen anymore, I don’t have to run to the bathroom all the time, my periods are normal, I have color back to my skin, my eyes are bright, and I am thinking much more clearly again. My family and friends have noticed the changes and people are telling me how good it is to have me back to being myself again. I agree. It’s good to be back. As I continue following the guidance of Dr. Mancini I continue to feel better and better. Thank you Dr. Mancini and staff at Center for Integrative Care for helping me get my life back. If you have autoimmune disease and want help…make your appointment with Dr. Mancini today. There is hope!

– Jill G.


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When I first came to Dr. Mancini, I had a bad case of bronchitis that had been going on for weeks and hadn’t responded to antibiotics. Additionally, I wanted to get my health back after coping with side effects of taking medication. I had been on medication for a blood clot of the lung that occurred as a complication during surgery on a broken ankle. The medication was making me feel cold and tired, plus I had put on about 10 pounds. My goal was to get rid of the cough, lose some weight, ease my arthritic pain and get my energy back.

After about a month of acupuncture and following the doctor’s diet to detoxing, most of my symptoms were gone and I felt so much better. Friends and family noticed the difference too, saying I looked much better. I would recommend Dr. Mancini to anyone who wants to improve their health.

– Lois S.


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I came in about two months ago with a hamstring injury that had not improved much in the prior four months. I had been to other doctors who said it would just take time but I was not convinced. I was recommended to Dr. Mancini by my uncle who had had great results with tennis elbow. We started with acupuncture and the cleansing diet and then moved on to adding stretches and other techniques to relax and lengthen the muscle. I have seen drastic improvement and have even started running again. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of the worst injury of my life that at one point I thought would not go away. I have full confidence in Dr. Mancini’s mastery of Oriental Medicine, acupuncture and nutrition; and the benefits they can have in all parts of your life. This includes not only focusing on specific ailments but also overall well being. The staff at The Center for Integrative Care is amazing and I would recommend their services to anyone I know.

– Michael


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I am such a trusting person, who cared more for others than myself. Once I met Dr. Mancini it was truly nice to have someone help me that understood my worries and guide me past them. Being happy used to be so misunderstood and now I am so grateful to have followed through with all the guidance given to me. Having my husband stand by me and support me helped mme the most to stay on track. I am now sleeping sound and waking up with energy and a smile. My sugar cravings will be a challenge but I’m learning how to overcome them day by day. My advice to those who read this is to trust in Dr. Mancini and don’t question his guidance because he is there only for your happiness. Thank you; all of you! Michael and I are much better to have known you and will keep up with our health now that we had a great teacher.

– Chelsea


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I just wanted to let you know that my vertigo is completely gone. When I got home yesterday after my appointment with you I decided to put my treatment to the test and spun around in a circle as fast as I could. Guess what? I has absolutely no dizziness. And this morning I hopped back on my bicycle and put in my eight miles just like any other day. Bye bye vertigo… I won’t be missing you. Thank you for putting me back together, once again.

Moving forward,

– Jill


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I came here about 8 months ago with several symptoms: backache, headaches, poor sleep and chills when everybody else wasn’t cold.

I have been attending basically ever other week treatments as well as facing big challenges in my life.

My fater became very ill. I startedsd a Ph.D. program and moved 2 times to different housing. All these being stressful in my daily life.

I can happily share with you the fact that through Dr. Mancini’s program I have been able to achieve a less stressful and frustrating attitude toward life. Made my first A in stats class. Managed to stop gaining weight and no headaches or colds.

I have learned to be more caring and attentive to my body needs and less demanding. Learning to “smile to life”.

– Norma


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April Fool Day! But this is no joke. I have been depressed for many years. But I am happy today. I have MS and I just couldn’t live with it. It made me so depressed. I’m nso bad. I’m in a wheelchair, been there for 17 years. I was on the maximum number of antidepressants of every kind – all of them, all of the time. I finally came off ALL. I feel SO good! I’m happy! I’m moving better. Some other meds I came off too. Almost my whole page list of meds. So Good.

Thank you, Dr. Mancini

– Pat


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Acupuncture has helped me in countless ways, most importantly with back pain. On May 2nd of this year I had Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression procedure which took away about 70% of my lower back pain. After battling severe chronic lower back pain for 13 years this was a miraculous leap forward for me. Acupuncture helps me control the pain that still remains since the procedure and continued care enables me to do activities I haven’t enjoyed since I was 10 years old. In the past month these activities have included kayaking, boating, bowling, hiking, even just walking pain-free or sitting through a movie has been a milestone for me.

I have also suffered from chronic bilateral knee pain for 15 years which still persists today. After engaging in the activities listed above I will see Dr. Mancini to treat the knee pain that is likely to follow anything active.

Recently my endorcrinologist found elevated levels of the hormone norepinephrine in my body, which may indicate a tumor of the adrenal glands, also known as a peochromocytoma. Symptoms I experience relating to this include difficult to control hyptertension, rapid pulse, chest pain, severe anxiety, trembling hands, headaches, stomach aches, and nausea. The anxiety and chest pains affect me the most but certain points that Dr. Mancini triggers during acupuncture help relieve all these symptoms.

Besides helping my previous conditions, acupuncture assists with everyday stressors and overall well-being. It contributes to healthy weight loss, good body circulation, even lowering blood pressure. If I’m having a particularly stressful day, acupuncture helps me calm down and handle life’s stressors in a healthy manner. Even mild ailments such as everyday aches and pains, migraines, or the common cold can be relieved by certain acupuncture points in the body.

Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries and has been proven to assist with all sorts of ailments. It has helped me in so many ways I recommend it to anyone. I would not be able to live the life I do today without it.

I finally feel like I have my life back after 15 years. Acupuncture’s beneficial effects keep me headed in the right direciton of recovery instead of back-tracking into constant pain, which is how I’ve spent the majority of my 25 years.

– Kaitlin


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I injured my forearm at work at the end of January 2012 and was having lingering pain and discomfort from that strain that two rounds of physical therapy was not resolving. In June of 2012 I had six weeks of acupuncture with Dr. Mancini’s clinic and now that pain is completely gone! Thank you!!

– Margie


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Dr. Mancini and Staff:

This has been my first experience with acupuncture and I would do it all again. I injured my left wrist and this was the best choice, no pain meds and 12 weeks of acupuncture I feel better than ever. I can drive now and do all I am used to socially and physically. I’m back at the gym and back to full duty at work.

This was much faster and better recovery than when I injured my right wrist, it was 8 months of hand therapy and pain meds.

Dr. Mancini and staff you are the best. Thank you for all you’ve done and taught me. I will be back for classes and sessions in the future.

– Anna


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When I came to Dr. Mancini’s office, the first thing I recalled was how nice and helpful the girls were, getting me started, then when I met Dr. Mancini and his assistant, WOW! They truly have a wonderful gift. They care, they make you comfortable and relaxed all while relieving your pain. I was in a lot of pain when I found them, not a lot of movement, walking slow, very unsure of what I could or couldn’t do, but now I come in with an expectation that is pure joy. God has truly blessed Uzi and Dr. Mancini with a wonderful gift, and they do not hesitate to share that gift on a daily basis to make us feel wonderful! Our bodies, our minds and our spirits cry out for the help we recieve from them. GOD BLESS YOU!

– Ethel


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We both have very busy work and life schedules. We come home after a 9-hour work day mentally and physically exhausted.

Kandy was referred to Mario Mancini, O.M.D., L.Ac., at the “Center for Integrative Care” due to a work related injury. We were told about a class called “Rewiring the Brain – The Power of Mental Rehearsal”, so we attended. We learned about the “4 Steps to Mental Rehearsal”, the “S.T.O.P.” exercise, and other information. By attending, we were each given a “free” 20-minute “Reset Room” session.

We attended our 1st “Reset Room” session. At the end of the session, it felt like we just finished a week of vacation. We looked at each other and said “How do you feel?”. “Fantastic!”.

We have both enrolled in a 1-year unlimited 20-minute “Reset Room” program. We attend at least 4 times a week. We highly recommend the “Reset Room” to anyone who wants to improve their mental and physical health, and taking ones energy from surviving to thriving!

– Carl & Kandy


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The reset room is a place to heal your body and revive your spirit. Leave your cares at the door and feel the peace that comes to you. This is a healing gift Dr. Mancini has given to all of us. Thank you so much. Everyone should try the healing power of the reset room.

– Ann


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I seem to be much more centered. Have been coming in since 9/11/2013 (a month and a half) I came to be treated for BiPolar – have not had a depressive episode since coming. I do three resets a week plus a full treatment! Thanks!

– Gregory


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I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with Dr. Mancini’s reset plan. I was skeptical but now I am sleeping better. I feel more alive. I have been changing my lifestyle to omit so much TV, go to bed an hour earlier and think good thoughts for the next day. My life will be healthier because I am tired of being slowed down. Need positive thoughts and to be focused on the best for yourself. Thank you for your encouragement and not giving up on me.

– Ilene


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I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease April of 2012. Since then, I have been in the hospital 4 times for a combined 43 days, had two major surgeries, and spent several months in recovery. I suffer from chronic fatigue, low energy, digestive problems and body aches. I have been working with Doctor Mancini and his staff for over 3 months. I am doing acupuncture, the reset room, a diet program, supplements, food allergy testing, blood testing, mental rehearsal and stress reduction. Currently, I have experienced increased energy, no more body aches and my digestive problems have gotten better. I have had no flares of my disease and I am feeling incredibly better. I want to thank Doctor Mancini and his staff for helping me through this difficult time in my health. They are all so amazingly friendly, knowledgeable and caring.

– Joseph


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I have been treated by Dr. Mancini over the years since 1997 when I first came to San Diego. Through acupuncture therapy, he was able to regulate my hormones allowing me to conceive my only son and regulate my moods. He enabled me to be pain free from degenerated discs in the lumber region of my spine without the use of medication. More recently, the scope for positive effect in my life widened through the training in mental rehearsal and meditation, both of which are greatly enhanced with my getting reset treatments in the reset room. Through the powerful combination of acupuncture therapy and reset treatments, I’ve been able to become a calm, confident and guiding parent to my son and partner to my husband. Ever since I moved to San Diego, I’ve worked in pharmaceutical drug development. This is a demanding field and I’ve been able to attain increasing levels of responsibility that also come with additional stress. I’ve not only been able to minimize the effects of the stress on my body but even more so I have been able to excel at my demanding job through optimal performance of my mind and body. I am very grateful to have Dr. Mancini and the Integrative Center for Optimal Health in my life.

– Lei-Anna