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Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

athletic-performance-innerLet our experts at The Center for Integrative Care help you achieve peak athletic performance. We can increase your strength, coordination, and stamina using ancient techniques and cutting-edge technology, bringing your body into optimal balance and health. We offer Acupuncture services to relieve stress and pain on the body, as well as improve vital internal functions and even sharpen the mind.

Do you want to improve your agility, flexibility, balance, and coordination? We recommend Core Body Mechanics to prevent injury, as well as enhance posture and strength. If you are interested in improving your posture, range of motion, and spacial intelligence, Integrated Movement Therapy (Tai Chi) is a great resource for athletes of all sorts, but particularly those who rely on their mobility.

To improve your general health optimize your athletic performance, we also provide Nutritional Therapy and Dietary Therapy. The proper diet and nutrition are extremely important factors in order for the body to perform at its best, as food is the support and fuel for your body. Our team will put you on the right regimen to compliment any other therapies or treatments you receive to bring you to peak athletic performance.

The Center for Integrative Care can increase your athletic performance by helping you achieve ultimate physical optimization. We can help you perform at your best, regardless of the state of your body now. For more information or to start today, call (619) 287-4005.

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