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Auto & Work Injuries

Auto & Work Injuries

auto-work-injuries-innerWe know all about the stress, pain, and inconveniences that arise out of auto and work injuries. Dr. Mancini and his team at The Center for Integrative Care work hard to not only accelerate your healing processes, but also support you and bring you peace of mind through the times ahead. By formulating a recovery strategy based on not only your physical injuries but your body’s psychological response as well, we use integrative and natural techniques to rehabilitate you and bring your body’s health to optimum levels.

When injured, returning to work and normal life as fast as possible is essential due to the de-conditioning effect on your psychology. This one element can easily cause one to fall out of habit leading to laziness, emotionally instability or falling into a bad habit. Our goal is to improve functional capacity and the ability to get back into work and normal life as soon as possible.

auto-work-injuries-innerHave you been trying to heal from an auto or work injury, but with minimal results? When no further improvements are noted with an injury either in reduction in pain, improved function, and/or reduction in need for medication, this indicates that the body’s self-repair mechanism has slowed down or has stopped due to some fault within its system. The body then goes into an adaption mode that leads to chronic inflammation and self-sustained nerve firing known as chronic pain. Our treatments reactivate the body’s natural repair response, internally turning on all components necessary for a healing environment.

The following treatments are used to decrease your pain and stress, while simultaneously repairing your body and optimizing your general health:

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