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Cognitive Function and Brain Diseases

Cognitive Function and Brain Diseases

brainsmallHaving a brain disease can be extremely difficult and challenging, affecting nearly every aspect of your life. Many people suffer from diseases and disorders of the brain and resort to medication and pharmaceuticals because they simply don’t know that alternative forms of treatment are out there. Here at the Center for Integrative Care, we offer a variety of natural and non-surgical treatment options for people who live with brain diseases and disorders that improve the lives of our patients every day.

One of the most challenging aspects of a brain-related issue is how dysregulated patterns are ingrained in the neuropathways of our brains. However, acupuncture is an incredible form of treatment that actually interrupts signals in the brain and resets the body’s ability to self-repair. This allows your brain to break unwanted patterns, form new healthy patterns and pathways, and heal itself.

We also use cutting-edge technology at our Center, which includes QEEG Brain Mapping, Computerized Brain Performance testing, and Neurofeedback Brain Training. This allows us to create maps of your brain, assess real time functional brain status, and pinpoint which areas need improvement. We then develop a unique program that restores and retrains your brain using a variety of methods. Through this specialized brain training, we are able to regulate and stabilize your brain, both supporting and stimulating your neuropathways. At the same time, the training overrides the older damaged pathways for a permanent recovery.

We use dietary, herbal, and nutritional therapy for an integrative approach to treat the brain and make sure it’s getting the right foods and nutrient cofactors it needs to recover and stay healthy. Diagnostic tests such as blood, salivary, and hormone panels are utilized to provide a more accurate dietary, herbal, and nutritional strategy.  This comprehensive approach provides the patient with the most effective means of addressing the neurological and biochemical components of brain-related conditions at the same time.

This treatment allows us to improve symptoms like poor memory, access to language, clear thinking, focus, and more, which occur frequently with diseases such as Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other similar ailments. Additionally, we consult you on dietary, herbal, and nutritional therapy to create a holistic strategy that gets your brain the nutrients and minerals it needs to maintain recovery, balance, and optimum health.

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