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PTSDMany people today live with PTSD – also known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD was once known as battle fatigue or shell shock, and is most known for its affect on soldiers and those who work in other dangerous fields such as firefighting and policing. However, PTSD also widely affects the general population. Anyone who has experienced a traumatic ordeal is susceptible to PTSD, whether it is through the unexpected death of a loved one, a sexual or physical assault, an accident, or a natural disaster. Families of victims may also develop PTSD. PTSD manifests differently in each individual, but it typically causes fear, panic, feelings of helplessness, and even guilt.

The Center for Integrative Care has a wide range of services, treatments, and guidance strategies to help you cope with and eventually overcome your PTSD. You do not have to live with your symptoms. We can help you with cutting edge solutions like Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback designed to help train the brain back to its natural healthy state, relieving the symptoms of PTSD.

We also offer Lifestyle Counseling to return your body to optimal health and wellbeing based on your unique circumstances and symptoms. We can help reduce stress and anxiety with treatments such as Acupuncture, Integrated Movement Therapy, and Breathing/Guided Imagery Therapy to bring you peace and balance of the mind.

We have a skilled team that is trained in using Herbal Medicine to treat you holistically and naturally, without the aid of potentially harmful pharmaceuticals. The stress and anxiety brought on by PTSD can also be relieved with a proper diet, so we provide Nutritional Therapy and Dietary Therapy to help you bring your body to optimum balance through diet.

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