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Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

Stress, Anxiety, & Depression

stresssmallStress, anxiety, and depression are by far the most common ailments we see in patients coming to the Center for Integrative Care. More often than not, they are all inextricably linked together with other illnesses like digestive issues, chronic pain, and infertility, as well as lifestyle challenges that affect one’s productivity, motivation, social habits, and generally the ability to enjoy a fulfilling, healthy life. But at the Center, we know it doesn’t have to be that way. We apply a wealth of different natural drug-free treatments to help you develop healthy coping patterns as well as recover from and ultimately overcome your ailments to enjoy a life worth living.

Stress, as we discuss it, means, “stress on the mind and body.” In other words, anxiety and depression are both manifestations of stress. We look at the root cause or causes of your condition, which we separate into three categories of stressors:

Physical stress can be brought on by accidents, injuries, traumas, falls, etc. When you’re placing high amount of physical demands or stressors on yourself, physical recovery is the key. Using strategies such as massage, rest, more sleep, as well as medical modalities such as acupuncture that reduces pain, inflammation and muscle tension, we help you recover on a physical level and address the root of your stress.

Biochemical stressors include pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, hormonal imbalance, and blood sugar issues. If you have high amounts of chemical stress, then the antidote is dietary, nutritional and herbal strategies to not only offset the chemical stress, but to more importantly support your body’s return to health.

Emotional stressors are by far the most devastating to the body. They are things like your job, traffic jams, 401K plans, faulty Internet connections, family tragedies, divorce, and single parenting. In addition to acupuncture and cutting-edge therapy we utilize at our center called neurofeedback – which has a profound effect on regulating the brain to reduce stress, anxiety and depression – we also teach our patients restorative exercises that come from tai chi, chi kung, and meditation practices.

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