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Surgery/Pharmaceutical Alternatives

Surgery/Pharmaceutical Alternatives

surgery-alternatives-innerMany doctors often consider surgery to be the last option, as it can be invasive, painful, and comes with a certain recovery time. It can be emotionally trying for not only you, but your loved ones as well. You may experience anxiety about complications, the drugs involved, and any number of other elements. Surgery can be incredibly difficult on your body, and the results are never certain. Before turning to surgery as a last resort to healing, The Center for Integrative Care has many surgery alternatives to offer based around your condition and what works best for you.

We strongly believe in natural and integrative techniques to heal and strengthen your body. Dr. Mancini and his team have designed an Acupuncture regimen specifically around the principles surgery alternativeness. This is a unique treatment created to naturally heal your body without the intervention of surgery. Depending on your circumstances, we may also recommend exercise therapy to compliment other treatments you are receiving. To increase your overall general health and improve your strength, balance, and coordination, we offer Exercise/Rehabilitation Therapy, Core Body Mechanics, Integrated Movement Therapy (Tai Chi), and Breathing/Guided Imagery Therapy (Chi Kung).

To improve your general health and speed the healing process, we also provide Nutritional Therapy and Dietary Therapy. The proper diet and nutrition are extremely important factors in healing injuries and treating pain, as food is the support and fuel for your body. Our team will put you on the right regimen to compliment any other therapies or treatments you receive to eliminate your pain and heal your injuries.

If you are interested in avoiding surgery, we can help. Call us today at (619) 287-4005.