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Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback

Brain Mapping/Neurofeedback for Weight Loss

brain1How many people that are overweight know what to do to lose weight but still don’t do it? We often hear that they can’t because of this or that situation or circumstance in their life. In addition to addressing the metabolic imbalance with dietary, herbal and clinical nutrition, there is a powerful unconscious driver of living and eating that most people don’t feel control over. It is that automatic and habituated part of our lives that runs most of our day. Saying that you don’t want to continue to produce a certain outcome in your life, in this case, being overweight, is up against your unconscious operating system that’s running 95% of your life.

To maximize your momentum towards success requires getting into that operating system of the brain. With recent advances in science, technology called brain mapping and neurofeedback you now have the ability to literally change or ‘rewire’ your neural networks in your brain. When the brain changes, the mind along with its subconscious beliefs follow. In essence, the mind is an extension of brain function. The mind is the brain in action. In order to keep your brain in top shape just like you would your physical body, brain fitness is a essential to anyone wanting a healthy lifestyle.

So how do you get your brain to optimal levels? It starts with a brain map to understand where your brain is under-performing or over active.  The first step in achieving your outcome is to have a baseline of how your brain is wired up leading to the way you think and perceive your life circumstances. A calibrated EEG cap with 20 electrodes measures your brainwave frequencies and converts the data into an EEG printout.  These conditions help identify the brain’s current level of performance. Based on the results from a brain map, we can identify for each individual the appropriate brain training protocols and implement them into a personalized program that will support not only the direction of healthy weight loss but more importantly to improve all aspects of brain function for overall wellness.