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Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries

brain-injuries-innerBrain mapping and neurofeedback training, is a revolutionary technology that allows us to map and analyze brain function, then create a brain-training regimen uniquely suited to your brain. By mapping your brainwaves, we can see where your brain has slow or inefficient activity, and where your brain is productive and efficient. This helps us recondition and retrain your brain to optimal functioning.

While most treatments for brain injuries produce modest improvements at best, it is still quite common for patients to be told that after a year and a half of treatment they have obtained about all the improvement that they can expect, and therefore they must simply adjust to the current situation. Brain mapping and neurofeedback, however, is a rehabilitation strategy that goes beyond that and further assists in lasting cognitive improvements.

Neurofeedback training is a valuable form of treatment that can help with many symptoms of brain injury, including but not limited to memory, unstable mood, anxiety, impulsiveness, depression, sleep issues, seizures, and even anosmia (loss of smell) and physical balance. The Center for Integrative Care can give neuro-rehabilitation patients long-lasting results, and we help train and adapt the brain so that significant improvements last years after the original brain injury.

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