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Dry Needling

Dry Needling

dry-needling-innerDry Needling is a type of therapy in which a thin needle is inserted into muscle “trigger points” to stimulate the natural healing process of the body’s soft tissues. This results in pain relief and the return to physiological health. According to expert research and the experience of thousands of patients, dry needling therapy decreases pain and muscle tension, balances biochemical and electrical inhibition of motor endplates, and also accelerates the body’s rehabilitation abilities.

Dr. Mancini’s advanced training through the Biomedical Acupuncture Institute, paired with his therapeutic skills, has brought relief and greater help to his many patients. His in-depth knowledge of treatment protocols and procedures for pain management, sports rehab, and trauma rehab help him have a greater understanding of his patients and thus have greater success in his treatments. He is well-versed in explaining the physiological basis of dry needling therapy, techniques, and trauma condition treatment strategies to your doctor so that it can easily integrate into your current healthcare plan.

Dry needling is growing increasingly popular throughout mainstream medicine for treating and preventing injury as well as enhancing athletic performance. Dr. Mancini’s training included advanced principles of treating soft-tissue dysfunction in injuries, as well as preventive and therapeutic treatment of injuries in selected sports. In addition, safety issues are of the highest importance in providing dry needling in his practice. He has trained his team of acupuncturists in Dry Needling Techniques for the treatment of sports and trauma rehabilitation.

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