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Integrative Movement Therapy (Tai Chi)

Integrative Movement Therapy (Tai Chi)

movement-tearpyIntegrative movement therapy, or “Tai Chi”, is a body-mind exercise that has been used in China for – where it originated – for thousands of years. Used for both prevention as well as therapeutic purposes, Tai Chi is a regimen that aims to improve the body’s:

  • Posture
  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Range of motion (specifically around the ankle and hip joints)
  • Leg muscle strength
  • Awareness and control of the body’s positioning (spatial intelligence)

The goal of Tai Chi is to improve balance, strength, mobility, and the daily functioning of the body. It also aims to prevent falls and collapses in older adults as well as individuals with balance-related disorders. We share select movements from Tai Chi to help patients achieve optimal health to recover quickly with gentle, effective movements. Research has shown Tai Chi can be even more effective than standard physical therapies, especially for elderly individuals. The Center for Integrative Care offers our unique perspective of Tai Chi in our Integrative Movement Therapy, where we help balance and strengthen your body while working to succinctly improve the awareness and wellbeing of your mind.

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